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Consulting for comprehensive agricultural and fishing village development projects
Basic plan / Preliminary plan / Field forum
Competency building education
Urban regeneration university operation and urban regeneration revitalization plan
Local development and support for local communities
Consulting and operation support for social economy organizations
Survey / Research for Educational Development
Tourism / Regional Development / Local Community / Social Economy

2002  Research institute affiliated with the Experiential Learning 
Research and Development Association, a public interest corporation
2005  Established as a research/academic institution
2007  Korea Creative Experience Activity Contest Co-hosted
2009  Academic Symposium held
2015  Launched Creative Knowledge Development Institute Co., Ltd.
2016  general meeting of shareholders and address transfer
2018  Started consulting and academic research service business
2018  Rural Education Farm Consulting Project Promotion
2019  Participated in rural village development project
2020 Additional registration of domestic travel business and education business
2020 network business field added
2021 Inauguration of the Director of Specialized Research Institute

2023 Appointment of Na kyoung Kim as CEO

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